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Name: Busbar Fabrication Machine
Model: HBC-A 120/160

  • Powered by three separate hydraulic power packs.
  • Bender controller equipped by spring back compensation system
  • Digital bending indicator leads to perfect bending result
  • Rotatable plates in Bender prevent fractions at Busbar surface
  • Laser pointer helps to find center of holes easily in puncher
  • Double acting hydraulic systems prevents sticking dies in Busbar after punching
  • Programmable metering system cause high accuracy in positioning of holes
  • Perfect finishing after cutting
  • Center oriented guide leads to best result in cutter.




Cutting ,punching and bending busbars simultaneouslyCutting ,punching and bending busbars simultaneouslyFunction
Up to 160 x 15mmUp to 120 x 12mmBender capacity
Up to 160 x 15mmUp to 120 x 12mmCutting capacity
Circle dies:M6 up to M18 Oval and rectangle dies(optional)Circle dies:M6 up to M18 oval and rectangle dies(optional)Punching capacity
Electronic controller high and rectangle dies(optional)Electronic controller high and rectangle dies(optional)Bender controller
Z-shape mold(optional)Edge bending mold(optional)Twist mold (optional) End-bending mold(optional)Z-shape mold(optional)Edge bending mold(optional)Twist mold (optional) End-bending mold(optional)Bender Molds
Laser pointerLaser pointerpuncher center finder
Handy metering systemProgrammable meteringSystem (optional)Handy metering systemProgrammable meteringSystem(optional)Length measuring in puncher and cutter
3 separate power packs Double acting system3 separate power packs Double acting systemHydraulic system
250 Bar250 BarOperating pressure
3 x 1.5 Kw3 x 1.5 KwPower rating
380volt -3/50 Hz380 volt -3/50 Hzvoltage
Hydraulic oil H68-45 litersHydraulic oil H68-45 litersoil
200x 110 x 100(H)cm200x 110 x 100(H)cmMain desk dimension
110 x 110 cm110 x 110 cmRoller desk dimension



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